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Storm Chasing

Storm photos from my first chase trip in 1997

A really pretty gust front off a storm in SW Kansas.

The same storm with some beautiful mammatus clouds.

This is the first supercell we followed near Littlefield, TX. This storm produced a small tornado that didn't show up on my video.

In South-Central Kansas, this storm was nicknamed the "Vacuum" because of its strange shape and movement. It produced a small funnel out of the SECOND, higher-up base.

This is a rotating wall cloud from the second supercell that produced the quarter-sized hail.

A really nice LP supercell near Shamrock, TX. This storm was really pretty but didn't produce any tornadoes. It did freak out some members of VORTEX, though!

The beautiful bell-shaped rotating lowering of the Shamrock supercell. Lots of CG lightning with this storm!

A dying storm makes a pretty scene over a lake in eastern OK.

Another evaporating storm late in the day near Lubbock, TX.

The dissipating stage of a storm at sunset near Lubbock, TX.

Sheet metal wrapped around a telephone pole. Damage left behind by a 3/4 mile-wide wedge tornado that, unfortunately, I didn't see.

More damage from the same tornado. The trees have been completely de-foliated.

Quarter-sized hail produced by the second supercell we followed near Littlefield, TX.

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