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About Me
I'm Dave Lewison, and I live in the Mid-Hudson Valley of southeastern NY. I'm a Mechanical Engineer by profession, but I've been interested in photography for my entire life, and have devoted countless days (and dollars) towards creating interesting and technically challenging images. I have a particular interest in specialized photography techniques, such as stop-motion and long-exposure, but I also shoot scenic and abstract images.

Another life long obsession has been weather, and growing up I can remember many hours glued to the window watching severe thunderstorms or snowstorms roll over my home in Westchester County NY.
Finally, in 1997, I got the chance to combine these interests of photography and weather, when I joined up with
Cloud 9 Tours, a storm chase tour group owned by Charles Edwards. Every year since then, I've chased with a group of other chasers from all over North America.

This is me posing at the World's Largest Ball of Twine,
 in Cawker City KS.

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