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Storm Chasing 2013

The 2013 tornado season certainly started out slowly, with snow lingering into May! However, in the latter half of May, the pattern suddenly became very active, and would end up producing several days with violent and photogenic tornadoes. We were out chasing for this entire 2-week period, and came back with great video of 3 large tornadoes, amazing supercell structure, as well as some very fun and very stressful chases.

Unfortunately, 2013 also marked the first year where storm chaserd died as a result of a tornado. These chasers were the well-known Tim Samaras and his son, along with long time friend Carl Young. The tornado that killed them was a huge, violent and unpredictable one, and gave all storm chasers cause to reflect on their actions that day.

2013 Chase Stats:

- $ SPENT ON GAS: $1,720
- TORNADOES SEEN: 4 (on 2 days)
- LARGEST HAIL MEASURED: 2.5" (baseball)

Here are some video highlights from the trip: 

May 18, 2013 - Tornado near Rozel, KS

This beautiful tornado was the 2nd in a series that were produced from Rozel to near Larned, KS on May 18, 2013. This particular tornado was viewed from about 6 miles west of Larned, on Hwy 156. It lasted around 15 minutes and had a beautiful contorted rope-out stage as the sun set behind it. Having come from further north, we nearly missed the show, but we arrived just in time to see this tornado!

May 25, 2013 - Damage from the Moore, OK EF-5 Tornado

EF4/EF5 damage caused by the tornado that went through Moore Oklahoma on May 20, 2013. This was shot in a small neighborhood just west of I-35, adjacent to the Moore Medical Center, 5 days after the tornado. The EF5 damage occurred at an elementary school just SW of this location.

May 26  2013 - Beautiful LP Supercell & Lightning in Nebraska

We traveled more than 500 miles for a slight chance of pretty supercells across the Nebraska sand hills. Our efforts were rewarded by a beautiful LP (Low Precipitation) Supercell spinning across the prairie, near the town of Arcadia. This storm exhibited a gorgeous striated "barberpole" updraft, while putting out copious amounts of vivid lightning for several hours.

May 28  2013 - Huge Wedge Tornado near Bennington, KS

On a relatively low-end severe weather pattern, a single supercell took root and produced a giant wedge tornado near Bennington KS. This tornado was on the ground for around 40 minutes and amazingly remained nearly stationary the whole time. It was rated EF-4, although it spent most of its time over open country and damaged very few structures.

May 30  2013 - Deadly Wedge Tornado near El Reno, OK

This tornado was rated EF-5, with an estimated 2.6 mile wide path, making it the largest tornado in US history. Unfortunately, it also killed several well-respected storm chasers due to its sudden turn to the north. We escaped from the path just in time.... 

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