2009 was a bizarre season. The "normal" season was very late. With the exception of a decent day or two in late April, the Great Plains was quiet all the way through May, with the 2nd half of May being completely devoid of tornadoes!  

Luckily, Scott & I were flexible and we waited.....and waited. Finally, in early June, the models began latching onto what seemed like a solid 2-week stretch of active Plains weather. It looked as if the season was finally getting underway, so we gathered the gear, loaded up the XTerra ("The Dominator Lite") and hit the road on June 3rd...a full MONTH later than we normally do!  

2009 Storm Chasing Stats:
Depart New York: June 3rd
Return New York: June 20th
Total miles: ~8,500
Avg Miles/Chase: 520
Active Chase Days: 12
Bust Days: 2
Tornadoes: 2
Largest Hail: 2.5" (tennis ball)
Supercells: 14

This season's chase partners:
Jim Edds -
Charles Edwards -
Bill Hark -
Jack Kertzie -
George Kourounis -
Scott McPartland -
Mark Robinson -

June 5 - 11
Supercells & hail in Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado
  June 12-16
A dusty storm in Texas, tornado in the KS flatlands, nighttime supercell near Wichita and some High-Plains sightseeing.
June 17
Long-lived cyclic tornado machine in Nebraska!
June 18 & 19
The long trip home

All Images c. 2009 Dave Lewison. No reproduction without permission.

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