People and Places...

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Charles acting, well, bizarre yet again.

Lan "the Cyclops" lives up to his name. "Get that damn thing out of my face!"

(Picture removed pending Charle's approval)

The 'Dillo Cam. Video camera designed to ride out a tornado on the ground. For more info visit Charles' page at THE BEAR'S CAGE.

Charles has an iguana named Dino. He feeds him lettuce and an occasional pepperoni pizza.

Matt Biddle's "Green Lantern" (named for the green strobe on top). One of the more photogenic chase vehicles.

Ah, yes, the Japanese film crew along for the ride provided us with endless "entertainment". Here they are filming our chase armada from a rented helicopter. Photo is from Charles' Blazer.

Here's the Japanese crew doing one of their many interviews.

An inside joke among Cloud 9 Tours. That's all I have to say.

Matt's cool chase vehicle. "Moderate Risk" is his chase services company.

The Japanese crew doing an external passby of the chase van. It's amazing he never lost grip of that camera!

Charles loves eating pickles. We went to Palo Duro Canyon in TX and the Japanese crew had left some pickles in the cooler.

Mobile DOW (Doppler on Wheels) unit that was on the same storm we saw in SW Kansas.

Only in Texas would you see an Oil Museum!

This is me in front of the first Littlefield supercell. The wall cloud is to the right of my head just before the rain shaft.

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