Greensburg, KS EF-5 Tornado Damage

May 10, 2007:
While doing an informal damage survey south of Greensburg, we happened across 10-15 cases of Pop-Tarts lying on a dirt road, that were obviously meant to be delivered to town...they must have fallen off a supply truck. We brought them to the checkpoint, and were issued passes to bring the cases to the "Command Center" in town (shown at left).

I took the following pictures while we were there.

The checkpoint blocked Hwy 54/400 on either side of town.

Clothes still on the rack, bottles still on the shelves.

What's left of the "World's Largest Hand-Dug Well"...Greensburg's claim to fame. This was the landmark green water tower.

Here's what the landmark looked like back in 2002.

Note the salvaged wedding dress in front.

Front porch is still neatly decorated with trees.

All Images c. 2007 Dave Lewison. No reproduction without permission.

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