Storm Chase Highlights from 2004 (May 1 - May 16)

Plus Our Hurricane Frances Intercept

Group Photo from Rocky's Chaser Picnic (5/15/04)

A slow start to what would become a season to remember for many. I'm just thankful to have been out there for part of it!
MAY 1 - 7: Chasing when there are no storms ANYwhere!
MAY 8: HP supercell NW of Des Moines IA
MAY 9: Linear storms in Southern MN
MAY 10 - 11: The northern plains journies...mushy storms.
MAY 12: Blockbuster day! FOUR tornadoes in Harper County KS.
SEPT. 1-6: Hurricane Frances Intercept
I'd like to thank my chase partners most of all, for making this a memorable and fun year!
Brian Crean (Queens NY)
Chris Kridler (Florida)
George Kourounis (Ontario)
Scott McPartland (Queens NY)
Mark Robinson (Ontario)
Sarah Scriver (Ontario)
Dave Sills (Ontario)
Pete Ventre (Queens NY)
...and myself (Mid-Hudson Valley NY)

All Images c. 2004 Dave Lewison. No reproduction without permission.

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